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  • Postiche Chignon Cheveux Blancs | Frossia
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Long hair and white hair

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Now make a beautiful hairstyle with our hair accessory postiche chignon white hair. Be beautiful!

A popular illusion.

Wherever you go, you can see people with different skin colors, light blonde, blonde hair and yellow reflection, but their hair is perfect white and really rare.

Don't forget, the tail of hair is a temptation, a hair accessory.

Timeless and fashionable, this is a perfect choice to sublimate the perfect hairstyle to volume.


Material: synthetic fiber
Tape: elastic / elastic cabbage 
White hair 80 tons
Weight: 80g.
Simple and fast do it yourself!
For long hair or half long hair.

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In addition, useHair accessoriesTo decorate your hair.

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