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  • Faux Chignon Décoiffé | Frossia
  • Faux Chignon Décoiffé | Frossia
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Fake skimmed potato chips Caramel hair

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Explore a fast and simple technology to create a fake French fries decoded by yourself, with beautiful volume.

Fashionable and perfect hairstyle.

The large and humble fake French fries have a natural appearance. This pose is like a lovely hair that naturally blends into your own hair. Many colors are made of professional fibers, which gives the impression that the hair grows naturally in a part of the hair. In a few simple steps, you can find the best Hairstylist for you.

More specifically, wigs are a popular hairstyle accessory.

Timeless and stylish, this wig is the ideal choice to sublimate the bun and bring volume.

To roll up your hair quickly and easily, start with your own low ponytail. Then, grab the tip of your hair and start twisting until your hair is twisted from the end to the bottom.

Wrap the back combed hair in a spiral around the bottom of the ponytail, and then fix your back combed hair.Use a hairpin.

To make your hair look more fluffy, well, messy, pull the parts around your hair and your hair onto your face.

That's it. A fast and modern hairpin is worthy of a barber's hairpin!The loose and lovely Bohemian hood is an eternal late hair style, which is easy to make long or medium hair. Every face shape is pleasing. It is suitable for all types of curly hair and half long hair, making it a generally attractive appearance. Learn to make a simple Bohemian French fries.


False decoding chip

Material: synthetic fiber
Tape: elastic / elastic cabbage 
Caramel hair 20 tons
Weight: 80g.
Simple and fast do it yourself!
For long hair or half long hair.

Learn about all the fake decoding French fries in our series:Shelled French fries. more than 30 colors are available. This is your choice!

In addition, useHair accessoriesTo decorate your hair.