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  • Fausse Frange Cheveux Châtain Clair
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Light brown false tassel

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We provide you with a beautiful tassel, light chestnut, thick and huge hair in a new style.

Undetectable, ultra fast landing.


Fake bangs.

Suitable for all types of hair and face.

Safety fixing modeGreenhouse-head, they combine well with your own hair.

Material: professional synthetic fiber, heat resistant. Stripe extension, high quality, natural appearance.

Color: hair tassels Light chestnut.

Hair length: 16 cm (front), 22 cm(side).

Weight: 50g.

Don't risk a haircut to do a hairstyle you don't like. If you like to change your hair often, this fake tassel is perfect for you.

Hair tassel


Pose easily and quickly!
Safety fixtureWith anti slip teeth and Do not slide.
Natural appearance and effect, Made of high-quality soft fiber, it looks like real hair.

Hair tassel

You just wear it as an ordinary eye mask.additionalright off. The results were good,Smooth and silkyCompletely undetectable.
Change your look or test a new hairstyle with tasselsDon't regret cutting your hair !

Good elasticity, comfortable to wear, not too tight.For all sizesHead,It's very flexible and just stretch to fit your needsHead.

Tassel hair collet

Suitable for all types of hair.

Fake bangs are better than none!

You can also cut tassels to get the desired hair length.

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