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Extension of Cheval Ondulated Horse 60 cm

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Superb Extension Cheval Queue Thick and long.

Queue Extension of Cheval Ondulated For a new glamour look. This postiche has an integrated comb inside to ensure good maintenance.


  • Easy and easy use.
    The pose is in less than a minute. The extension is fixed around your hair thanks to a simple hanging system that guarantees you a perfect maintenance in all circumstances.

    A strand of hair present at the base will then allow you to surround the system of attachment of your in order to make it invisible.

  • You can change the look in a blink of an eye.
  • Maxi volume and length.
    End of shame with fine or short hair. With a fake horse tail you can have a better look every day.
  • Easy maintenance.

  • Without risk for your own hair.
    The wavy horse tailDoesn't damage your own hair.

    Unlike other types of hair additions, our extensions do not damage the roots, your hair or your hair follicles.
  • Natural look.

Magnificent Hair extension On all occasions. The wavy hair rajout is perfect for a beautiful chic style.

This Undulated horse-drawn horse tail Is in fashion, whether for daily use or for a party.

Comfortable and natural Sensation: soft, light, comfortable to wear.

Very easy to attach, wear and remove.

Natural look.

Corrugated horse tail extension


Material: Synthetic professional fibre, resistant to heat.

Type of hair: Ondulated.

Color of hair: Blond, Chattain, Black, Auburn, Roux.

Cord system: Elastic cord.

Length: 24 inches, 60 cm.

Weight: 120 g.

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