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Drought brush

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Dellating brush designed to unravel the hair easily and painless.

Opt for a hard hair brush Always more powerful:

Easily and comfortably removed the nodes : With distinct blades, this comb is perfect for unraveling all hair type: long, curly, frightened hair, curly and straight hair leaving no knot.

The multi-size blades arranged to eliminate the nodes well by ensuring less Hair break and more brilliance.

A comb adapted for all ages : Suitable for women, teens and little girls.

If you want to have healthy hair then, this extraordinary brush and made for you, which is unraveling tearing, painless.

It's a Preferred accessory even by children, who does not tear, does not bring pain, because the small points Aumont helps you get rid of nodes with softness, effortlessly in an instant.

Minimizes breaks, forked tips and hair loss.

Improves hair health Leaving healthy, shiny and dynamic hair.

Less stress, less hair loss Thanks to this brush bristles painless than massage the scalp andpromotes hair growth.

A PROFESSIONAL DELIVERING BRUSH To meet the needs of all women with all types of hair: thin, thick hair, long hair.

A Drought brush Innovative indispensable everyday.