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  • Bandeau Cheveux satin | Frossia
  • Bandeau Satin Cheveux | Frossia
  • Bandeau en Satin blanc pour Cheveux | Frossia
  • Bandeau Satin | Frossia
  • Bandeau en Satin Cheveux | Frossia
  • Bandeau en Satin | Frossia
  • Bandeau en Satin pour Cheveux | Frossia
  • Bandeau Cheveux en satin | Frossia
  • Bandeau en Satin noir pour Cheveux | Frossia
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Skatee in Satin

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Superb Bandeau in Satin for Cheveux.

The Satin band For Hair Is made by hand, ultra light and comfortable to wear. Its brilliant texture gives charm to every outfit.



  • Type: Bandeau Cheveux Femme.
  • Model: Bandeau Torsade.
  • Composition: Satin.
  • Manufacturing: Made by hand, artisanal creation.
  • Size: Unique size.
  • Colours: White, beige, pink, golden, brown, grey, black.

Large hair satin band

The satin band is the best choice for the evening hairstyle. A hair accessory that will complement your satin outfit, glossy for a so chic look.

The headband is also suitable for beauty sessions and ensures good maintenance of the hair, thanks to its elastic.

Bandeau Satin Cheveux | Frossia

Enrich your range of headbands with a Women's winter hair shingle.

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