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  •  Bandeau Tressé Cheveux Rousse  | bandeau tresse large | Frossia
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Curtain Burn Shot

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A perfect Tressé Bandeau to decorate your Cheveux.

Imagine a beautiful romantic chignon with a hair braided headband in a bohemian style or a horse tail, this accessory will help you to create an infinite hairstyle.

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Making elegant hairstyles must not be boring. So, don't hesitate to see our collection Horse tail.

In addition, you can add personality to a classic chignon with a Chignon stitch.

In fact, surprise your family and friends by going to the ceremony with a bulky headdress thanks to our Hair extensions.

Impress all your loved ones.

The best accessory to wear quickly and get a superb look. How do you put a blindfold?


  • Material: synthetic fibre.
  • Shark system: Elastic band
  • Color: Caramel/Rousse
  • Width: 3.5 cm
  • Length: 18-50 cm
  • Number of Bands: 1.

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The Short hair curtain curtainIs made with an extensible elastic band that is adjustable and adapts to all head sizes. It is suitable for both adults and children.

It is ideal to dress during parties, meetings, dinners or other occasions that stand out from the crowd.

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