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Collection: Pestiche ponytail | Fake ponytail

Discover our False Horse Tail Collection.

Pestiche ponytail with elastic, wrapping or with elastic cord, Pestiche ponytail crab clip.

Know that these attachment systems ensure a very good maintenance.

Find in our collection a wide choice from POSTICES Natural hair ponytail or fibersynthetic. We have put at your disposal a wide choiceModels, colors and lengths.

Indispensable hair extension for sublime evening hairstyle, or other special occasions. Also, wear them for events or simply for a change of look, if you have mid-long and fine hair.

We advise you to use a False horse tail around your hair

hairpiece You will bring you to your own volume and length hair, it is the secret hairdressing accessory of the stars.

False horse tail extension

Although the Rajout ponytail smooth is suitable for any type of straight hairIn our collection you will find curly, corrugated hair extensions, smooth, curly, curly offenders.

Best selectionPonytail extension.

In addition, this is the best selection Ponytail extension of all lengths, from 20 cm, 50 cm, 55 cm 60 cm to 70 cm, 80 cm.

Now you can make the hairstyle withThe Ponytail Ponytic your dream. A basic hairstyle par excellence with a more specific aspect, false hair that is added to a hairstyle.

It must be recognized that it has the merit of adapting to our daily life.


Horse tail Extension | Fake ponytail


Always choose the hairpiece with the color of the hair that will match your natural hair color.

Currently the horse tail with wick is at the top of fashion.

  • We advise you aHair extension ponytail Attached at the top to clear the neck.
  • A low-horse tail to lengthen the face.
  • A ponytail on the side to break his side too wise.
  • A loose tail board for a romantic look.

The roller ponytail extensions are designed with a small comb that slips under the elastic of your own hair to keep the hairpiece in place.

There is also a ribbon to wrap around your hair in velcro who adhere to maintain it.

Finally, a long wick of hair is wrapped around the base with two assorted hair pins provides to hide the ribbon and the elastic.

Ponytic Ponytic for a maximum volume and length.

An extension bubble ponytail Where braided ponytail For a classic chic look.

Pestiche ponytail | Ponytail extension

To realize it, nothing simpler order a Ponytail extension ready to wear. An easy and quick hairstyle to make yourself.

Everything is possible.



Ponytail extensions To make beautiful hairstyles for special occasions, evenings, events or simply for a change of look.

If you have half-long hair and end we advise you to use hair addicts in the form of Human hair tail cockpit.

Opt for natural look with human hair, soft to touch as your real hair.

The ponytail wig You will bring you volume and length, it is the secret hairdressing accessory of the stars.

Pestiche ponytail collection with a wide selection of models and colors.

The fake ponytail Surely is the trend of time. If you want to buy a ponytail POSTICHE we recommend our boutique Frossia Univers Beauty.

We are specialized on the sale of Remy Hair quality postiches, hair extensions clip and accessories Synthetic or natural hair.

Really choose the look better of with your personality or event.

There are several extension models, for each type of hair: smooth, corrugated, curly ponytail, curly despose, Curly, Pothe Brazilian ponytail.

Always choose the hairpiece with the hair color that will match your natural ponytail better.

Take into account that the color of your ponytail (natural hair) has a clearer color.

Do not stop stressing by buying online because photos on the site gives you a good idea of ​​color (
different shades of blonde, chestnut, red and black,TIE AND DYE (two-tone) But can vary from screen to screen.

Feel free to see also our Collection of snow postiles.

Wide choice of unique colors and models available online.

Customer service at your service.